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Stereo 3D in Nuke

Hi,it has been a while since my last tutorial. I'm really busy at the moment but I couldn't resist on testing the new stereo3D abilities in Nuke. And I was so impressed by the result, that I desided to write a short tutorial on how to create your own stereoscopic scene inside Nuke5. Take a look on the final result below, using the anaglyph technology to view it with Red-Cyan glasses.

As you can probably see, the scene is from a Tutorial DVD sold by the Gnomon School. It was usually made for a camera projection tutorial in Maya. What I've done now is, I recreated the whole scene inside Nuke, using 3d geometrie. I then projected the textures, using a camera inside Nuke. 

So to begin with, you have to export all the geometrie from Maya as OBJ files. Now inside Nuke go to 3D/Geometrie/ReadGeo and load in your objects. For the image input use a projection material found under 3D/Shader/Project and connect your images to the img input, and the projection camera to the cam input.

When you take a look at your viewer and press the Tab key to switch to the 3D view, you should see your mountain textured as below.

Now keep on reading in the rest of your geometrie until you have a full matte painting. In this case I used 11 obj files to build a 3d world. I added 2 additional layers, where I put a noise texture on, to add some sort of fog in the fore- and midground. The final scene can be seen below.

As you can see in the script, I had all the projection textures on a seperate layer with an additional alpha image. Therefore each texture was premultiplied before I could project it to get all the transparencies right. The Shot cam, that I used for rendering out the movie was duplicated, and I used an Axis node to offset the right eyes cam. Usually you should use the average human interoccular distance of 64mm for the offset. So when you have both cams , you should create a second ScanlineRender node.

Now how can you set up Nuke to see these 2 render nodes as seperate eyes. Well press S and go to the Views tab. There you should create a second view for your right or left eye. I desided to use  my main view for the right eye and therefore added a view called left. You have now 2 views, but you don't have a setup, where you have actually joint the 2 renderings. So in the Toolbar go to Views/JoinViews.  The node will have the 2 inputs you created before, main and left.

Nuke now knows that you have 2 different renderings for each eye. You could even output this to a single OpenEXR file using %V in your fileout path.

You won't see an anaglyph image yet, to preview the 3D effect. To do that, simply go to Views/Stereo/Anaglyph and set it up correctly. If you want to preserve as much color detail as possible, set amtcolor to 1 and choose where your right eye is. Put on Red-Cyan glasses, and you can preview your first 3D Stereoscopic movie.

To get an idea of this scene watch it here (the camera distance was not set well, so there might be some sort of minor outlines)

Hope this tutorial was interesting for you guys.


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