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Quick Tip: The secret of creating a nice clean plate

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Another quick tip for the this week. It is about the IBK Keyer and the way to improve your clean plate creation using the IBK color Nodes. 

This short tip is part of a bigger tutorial that I will post in the next days. 

Here we go with the quick tip that I have for you guys: 

When you have a Greenscreen and you need to pull a nice key, what usually helps is a nice clean plate created by the IBK Color Node. Now sometimes the IBK Color does not really give you a perfect result or does not cover enough space of your image. Instead of cranking the sliders up and eroding the heck out of your clean plate, you can use just a multiple set of the IBK Color Node. First what you want to do is using one IBK Color Node and create a nice soft Clean Plate that won't destroy your details in the important areas of your key. After that Node you attach a new IBK Color Node that has no change to it.

And then you do the same, add a new IBK Color and now increase the 'pitch black' value to 2, then another one where the value is set to 4, then 8, 16,32,64,128...and so on. Usually 128 is enough, or even 64 could be fine. You could even create a gizmo that will set these values on your needs. Anyway, this is a nice method on creating a good clean plate, so go on and try it on your next project. 


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